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Email Marketing Company In Nigeria

We send and design email newsletters

ZEODigital has been in the marketing business over the years with the aim of helping online retailers and other business owners that are looking forward to growing their customer engagement and revenue to write, design, produce and send emails. We use all our resources to relieve you of the stress involved in email marketing.

We have built a broad portfolio of reliable customers across different industrial sectors including software, telecommunications, education, property and so on.

We work with our clients in order to understand their business and to know where opportunities for growth could be. Based on the goals and nature of a business, we identify the campaigns to be sent. By studying and comparing the rate of online sales, ZEODigital will create compelling, relevant and eye catching contents that will drive your subscribers to click, respond and act.

If you have an email list, your subscribers have a form of relationship with your business and they need to be updated on a regular basis. There is a high possibility that most of the names on your lists are yet to patronize you which is why they need to receive interesting information about your business and how they can benefit from the services that you render. If you do not have an existing email list we can get one for you at an affordable price.

Sending too many mails can brand you as a spammer, sending low quality email contents will get your emails trashed, thus, reducing your subscribers. Instead of going through all this, why don’t you sit back, relax and give us a try? We will save you the time and stress of doing it all by yourself.

Affordable Email Marketing Company In Nigeria

ZEODigital provides targeted email marketing with high quality delivery and conversion rates. A thriving email marketing campaign does not end when an email is sent to your customer’s inbox.  We ensure that all our clients have access to a full report, providing you with real time reporting on how people connect with your campaign. You will know the people who opened your email and the contents they were interested in.

How Our Email Marketing Service Works

We plan to give you the value for your money by:

  • Creating amazing template designs
  • Customizing your emails with color schemes that will promote your brand.
  • Optimizing emails for mobile devices: your emails will work well on any mobile device.
  • Sending targeted emails.
  • Sending contents that will be easy to read by your subscribers.
  • Making sure your email does not end up as a spam.
  • Recurring newsletters featuring your blog posts.
  • Tracking the results of your email campaign.
  • Giving you reports as at when due.

The key strength of this company lies with its team of highly professional and experienced content writers, copywriters and web designers that keep supporting on a daily basis to deliver the highest quality work.

Email marketing is a form of marketing that has the potential to continue to be in existence for the foreseeable future which means it has a great power to be always available, unlike some other marketing trends which go obsolete. Email is like a qualification for all activities online, you virtually need your email address to sign up for accounts, back up your accounts or for verifications.

Investing in email marketing through ZEODigital will be worthwhile.

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